50th Flood & Greenway Commemoration

Remember. Honor. Commemorate.

1972 Flood • June 8-9, 2022

1972 Rapid City Flood Anniversary
1972 Rapid City Flood Anniversary

50 Years After the Night of June 9, 1972

On the evening of June 9, 1972, the most destructive flood in South Dakota history, and one of the deadliest floods in US history, struck Rapid City and the Hills region.  A total of 15 inches of rain fell in a matter of hours, causing a flood that resulted in the loss of 238 lives and injured more than 3,000 citizens.  It destroyed 720 homes and severely damaged another 1,400 dwellings and 200 commercial structures along Rapid Creek. This year’s 50th theme is ‘Remember, Honor, Commemoration.’  We remember, honor and pay tribute to the 238 individuals whose lives were lost, to the families and friends who lost loved ones in the tragedy and to the tireless work and dedication of volunteers and the community to recover and rebuild.  We also honor and commemorate the commitment of our community – citizens and officials – to establish, preserve and protect our greenway for today’s and future generations to enjoy.  It is important for the people living, working and enjoying Rapid City today to understand what happened 50 years ago this summer and to see how Rapid City has developed since then.

Take part in the 50th Commemoration of the 1972 Flood

1972 Rapid City Flood Anniversary
1972 Rapid City Flood Anniversary
1972 Rapid City Flood Anniversary
1972 Rapid City Flood Anniversary


On the evening of June 9, 1972, heavy thunderstorms caused devastating flash flooding throughout Rapid City and the eastern foothills of the Black Hills—destroying homes, vehicles, businesses, and bridges, and claiming 238 lives.


Take a walk through time, learn about the exact times that events took place during the flood of 1972 in Rapid City, SD.

Weather Summary

What happened during the early morning of June 9th? Understand how the weather impacted the Black Hills and designed the perfect storm that created the historical 1972 flood.

The Greenway

It’s hard to believe how areas devastated by the flood have been transformed into a beautiful greenway.